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Edinburgh International Book Festival and UBS Wealth Management

Business benefits:  Business/brand name awareness, Enjoyment, Entertaining, Marketing and PR opportunities

Project story

UBS Wealth Management (UBS) has had a presence in Edinburgh for over a decade and has always been located close to the Edinburgh International Book Festival in Charlotte Square. Following the creation of a new role in UBS Edinburgh focused solely on events, the Edinburgh UBS team felt that the Book Festival would be a good corporate fit in terms of the 'tone' of the event and location and looked at official sponsorship for the first time. Edinburgh International Book Festival had approached UBS in the past in regards to sponsorship but this was the first time that it was deemed feasible in terms of cost (as the UBS business has grown and budgets have increased) and in terms of the staff required to manage the event.

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The aim of the project was for UBS to develop and solidify their relationships with existing clients and also as a 'soft' event for inviting potential new clients. UBS specifically aimed to sponsor three events that were targeted at three different types of clients; adult clients and prospects, family clients and prospects and intermediaries (i.e. local business people who could introduce us to their own clients).

UBS sponsored three events, Translating Julia, Charles Handy and Ian Rankin, all in the Baillie Gifford Main Theatre. UBS held a client hospitality reception around the Ian Rankin event and saw this as their ‘main’ cultivation event whilst they were able to target specific groups with the Julia Donaldson and Charles Handy events. As well as the focus on client development the Book Festival gave the firm the opportunity for exposure to a significant section of the Scottish public, a good proportion of whom fell within UBS’s target profile.

Not only did the award enable UBS to sponsor a second and third event in the programme, it also gave them greater visibility in Book Festival print, on the website and on-site in Charlotte Square Gardens.

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Arts/cultural/heritage organisation story

Our relationship with UBS has been a very successful one in our eyes. The New Arts Sponsorship (NAS) Grant has enabled UBS to get maximum exposure through the sponsorship and showcase just how sponsorship of the arts can work when it’s activated in a proactive way. The award made it possible for UBS to sponsor a total of three events; one of the events was in our Children’s’ programme and UBS invited families to a weekend event. It’s great to use this as a successful example of sponsorship of a children’s’ event as many sponsors only opt for adult programme events.  UBS also made full advantage of our 15 percent book discount and ordered books for each of their guests attending the three events. This increased our book sales takings and is also a great example to give to other sponsors considering buying books for their guests.  We are already in positive discussions with UBS for continuing the relationship in 2016. We have found that the NAS Grant always gives our sponsors a much higher chance in coming back year after year.

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Business story

The New Arts Sponsorship Grant was integral to UBS being able to take on this project. As it was the first year of sponsorship for us, it enabled us to take a chance on the Edinburgh International Book Festival and try arts sponsorship in Scotland for the first time. Without the NAS Grant, the level of financial commitment involved would have proved too much of a risk and it would probably have not gone ahead.

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UBS received many benefits from the sponsorship including:

  • Opportunity to develop brand awareness on the international platform of the Book Festival with a high profile presence in the heart of Festival Edinburgh
  • A direct association with a world-class writer
  • Acknowledgement as a Major Sponsor of the Book Festival with the inclusion of a colour logo in the list of supporters
  • Credit as headline sponsor of three sponsored events in the printed programme, on the website, the mobile site, and on screen before the event
  • Verbal acknowledgement of the sponsorship at the start of the sponsored events
  • 100 complimentary tickets and reserved seating
  • One free use of a Book Festival hospitality venue
  • The opportunity to display branding (pop-ups or similar) on either side of the stage at the sponsored events
  • Books purchased at a discounted price
  • Invitations to the Programme Launch in June, Book Festival Opening Night Party and an exclusive Sponsor Networking Event in August
  • UBS raised its profile in Edinburgh and targeted the Book Festival audience
  • The Book Festival gave the firm the opportunity for exposure to a significant section of the Scottish public, a good proportion of which fall within UBS’s target profile
  • The opportunity to host an event gave UBS the chance to thank many longstanding clients and also to entertain prospective clients in an informal and entertaining way
  • The award enabled UBS to sponsor two extra events in the Programme, giving greater visibility in Book Festival print, on the website and on-site in Charlotte Square Gardens and host extra corporate hospitality events for a different target audience/client set
  • The award propelled UBS Wealth Management’s sponsorship into the Major Sponsor category, giving them greatly increased presence in print, on the web-site and on-site at the Festival.
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Audience/people/community story

In 2015 there were over 225,000 people in attendance in Charlotte Square Gardens, there were 157,764 unique visitors to the Book Festival website and 125,000 Book Festival programmes were printed. UBS sponsored three events in our largest theatre on site and all three events were big sellers, these audiences had direct impact from the UBS branding and sponsorship. Across the three events, Translating Julia, Charles Handy and Ian Rankin, a total of 1636 people were reached directly with tickets sales in excess of 500 for each event.  UBS used all 100 tickets across the events and even added to this allocation, making full use of their sponsorship.

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In addition, Edinburgh International Book Festival generated the following press coverage:

  • 2299 articles in print and online.
  • 9 Scottish Radio programmes
  • 10 UK National Radio Programmes
  • 75 UK Regional Radio Programmes
  • 12 Scottish TV Programmes
  • 7 UK National TV Programmes
  • 1 European Syndicated News Programme
  • 6 audio events on BBC Arts online
  • 10 live streamed broadcasts on BBC Arts online
  • International Press coverage across 23 countries
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“Our experience of sponsoring the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2015 was overwhelmingly positive and certainly helped to develop our relationships and profile within the local community. We would definitely consider sponsoring the event again and encountered no problems at all with our colleagues at the Book Festival, who were unfailingly helpful and brilliant in their organisation and support.”

Sonia Wilson, UBS Wealth Management

“We’ve enjoyed a truly brilliant, exuberant and record-breaking festival this year – our most successful ever with record ticket and book sales.  After the referendum in 2014 I wanted to cast our gaze a little further and look at Scotland’s place in the wider world.  It is an important time for us to look at our relationships with other cultures, languages and countries and we invited an extraordinary range of writers to share this with us. Our audiences have embraced this, welcoming authors who have never been translated into English before, and engaging in a series of unforgettable conversations.  And the conclusions were always the same:  Scotland is an outward-looking, open-minded nation.”

Nick Barley, Director, Edinburgh International Book Festival