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Dance House Glasgow & JamHot - Dancing City

Impacts: Community & social empowerment, International engagement, Tourism

Project story

Dance House Glasgow was reviewing its digital presence and impact alongside a significant organisational review when, in autumn 2012, the website was hacked and rendered untrustworthy. In order to continue to meet our mission `to celebrate the potential in dance in everyone by supporting the professional dance sector and offering an exciting and diverse community programme for people of all ages and abilities’, a functional website was crucial to ensure Dance House Glasgow’s sustainability within the market place and maintain its position within the dance sector both for community participants and professionals.

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This posed a direct threat to productivity and would impact on effective communication and engagement with members of the public (adult class participants/community participants/ professionals is approx. 5,000 per annum). Also potentially over 30,000 people as our website records 34,405 visits per year. 

At the same time, Dance House Glasgow was researching a cloud based booking system – MindBody which required integration to our website.  Even if the hacking had not occurred, major back end work on the website was required for it to be fully compatible with a cloud based system.

Dance House Glasgow approached JamHot to undertake development of a new website and after discussions around the available budget, JamHot agreed to provide specific components of the total work on an in-kind sponsorship basis in return for certain benefits Dance House Glasgow could offer.

Our new website is now in operation and has received many comments on its user-friendly navigation and contemporary style.  It is mobile responsive, allowing access from any device e.g. tablets, mobile phones, laptops etc., ensuring wide audience reach.   Best of all is that we manage all updates in-house, ensuring that content is up to date and visuals are changed regularly.  It has also been used as an example of good website design by other organisations –e.g.  Dance Base Edinburgh were suitably impressed that they contracted JamHot to design their new website along similar lines. 

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Arts/cultural organisation story

£5,200 was put towards the recruitment and engagement of community participation in Dancing City and, in particular, the aerial component of the project.  Dancing City celebrated the perpetual motion of the City of Glasgow and its citizens; defining and changing perception of place.  This involved mass participation and targeted groups with low arts engagement.

An estimated 188 individuals have been involved leading to 610 attendances in workshops and ‘happenings’ from members and staff of the following groups:

  •  Buchanan Galleries - Staff
  • Caledonian Crushers – Wheelchair Rugby players based at the Emirates Arena
  • Glasgow City Council Land and Environmental Services (Traffic cone crew & Waste disposal crew)
  • Glasgow Riderz – Youth Cyclists under 18 years old
  • Glasgow Roller Derby
  • Glasgow Taxi Outing Fund
  • Palmer & Company – window cleaners
  • Scottish Pre-School Play Association - Networks of Parents and Childrens clubs
  • Western Titans – BMX riders
  • Tollcross parkrun
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In addition sound artist and musician Daniel Padden created an original sound score as a sound track for the film. Daniel attended filming sessions alongside Glasgow based film production company Urbancroft and recorded sounds specific to the workplace, community groups and the sounds of the City.  We commissioned three musicians to assist Daniel, Gavin Marwick (fiddle), Michael Meyer (trombone) and Richard Merchant (trumpet).

The Community Engagement Strategy involved:  research and identification of thematic groups; workshops; rehearsals and ultimately flashmob-style or pre-planned “Happenings”.  These choreographed responses took place before, during and after Commonwealth 2014 and Festival 2014 events.

The resulting Dancing City film illustrates the vitality of the project and the high impact it has had on the City.  To coincide with Festival 2014 we screened the film of Dancing City at various locations around the City.

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Business story

JamHot’s partnership with Dance House Glasgow allowed the company to raise its profile within the arts and dance community.  This raised profile directly contributed to us gaining new work with Edinburgh dance company - Dance Base.  JamHot staff also benefited from the offer of access to dance classes with Dance House Glasgow, for use as an in kind staff/client benefit. 

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Audience/people/community story

To coincide with Festival 2014 we screened the film of Dancing City at various locations around the City. The New Arts Sponsorship Grant helped us to celebrate our valued partnership with JamHot by contributing to high quality community engagement in our unique and vibrant project, Dancing City as part of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme. This included workshops and film sessions with window cleaners working at height which was a particular highlight of the project and simply wouldn’t have been possible without the grant.

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“Our partnership with JamHot means that we have a wonderful new website which is fresh, user friendly and representative of our brand and identity; as well as an ongoing and vibrant relationship with a creative design and digital company who we hope to continue to work with for years to come.  The match funding from the New Arts Sponsorship Grant has provided enough resource for us to reach out to and work with new people; offering them the opportunity to participate in a unique project celebrating the perpetual motion of the City of Glasgow by exploring and animating collective and individual journeys; creating the possibility for all of us to view seemingly ordinary things in new ways.”

Ailsa-Mary Gold , Artistic Director/Chief Executive, Dance House Glasgow

 “Partnering with a vibrant arts and cultural organisation such as Dance House Glasgow allows us to raise our profile within the sector, do great work and give something back to a sector that has allowed our business to grow and flourish within Scotland. It’s rewarding to see the partnership funding fuel such great work such as the projects that Dance House Glasgow undertake within the community.”

Graeme McGowan, Managing Director, JamHot