New Voices: Fresh Perspectives

New Voices: Fresh Perspectives

A Recruitment Programme for Young People on Arts & Heritage Boards

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“From the boardroom to the workshop spaces, Toonspeak’s young people majestically influence, challenge and inspire what we do and why we do it.  It could not and should not be any other way.”
Jodie Wilkinson, Chairperson, Toonspeak Young People’s Theatre 

 1              Outline

Arts & Business Scotland (A&BS) is working in partnership with the William Grant Foundation to deliver New Voices: Fresh Perspectives; a recruitment programme to place young people on arts & heritage boards. This will recruit 12 young people (aged 18-30) in early stages of their careers and from a wide range of sectors, on to the boards of cultural charities.

The participating individuals will undertake an intensive training programme on the roles and responsibilities of Board trustees, and will then be matched with arts and heritage sector organisations who recognise the need to change the dynamics of their current boards, to address equalities, inclusion and diversity and have a representative voice of the stakeholders, beneficiaries, target audiences and users that their organisations service and support.

As part of the programme, selected organisations will undergo a governance health-check to ascertain that they have the systems, processes and infrastructure to embrace the rationale and need for diversification.

2              Description of the programme

There are 4 key phases:

Promotion and recruitment phase of the project

The recruitment/interviews of the arts and heritage organisations;
     * The organisation is clean about their reasons for recruiting young people to their board;
     * They go through a governance health-check to ensure that appropriate policies are in place;
     * That they have identified a member of their board to support the induction & orientation process;
     * That the organisation is on a secure financial footing;
* The recruitment/interviews of the young people.

Training programme for the young people

The young people will take part in training designed to develop their skills and confidence to engage in board business, which will include three governance training sessions covering:

* What is a charity?
     * The roles and responsibilities of trustees and how they differ from professional staff;
     * The board and artistic issues;
     * The difference that trustees can make;
* Understanding board business;
     * Effective meetings and looking at board papers;
     * Understanding finance for charity trustees;
* How to make your voice heard;
     * Decision making at board meetings;
     * Board dynamics.

Placement meetings

A&BS will facilitate the introductory meeting/s between the arts and heritage organisation and the young board member, ensuring that the match is appropriate and then remaining in touch with both parties over the following 6 months as part of our duty of care.  These meetings will run concurrently with the training programme, and then continue until all are placed.

After care and evaluation

As part of the evaluation process we will keep in touch with and then interview the organisations and the young people after 6 months.  In all therefore the project will run for approximately a year.

3              How to take part

If this is a priority for your organisation, then click below to download a placement request form to register your interest.

Please note that this opportunity is FREE to arts or heritage charities registered in Scotland.

Deadline for return of trustee placement register of interest form – 16 December 2019.