Fundraising Advice

Fundraising AdviceWigown Book Festival sponsored by Stena Line

This section offers basic advice for those who may be new to fundraising. There are sections on sponsorship, trusts and foundations, and individual giving (often referred to as philanthropy).

The cardinal rule of fundraising is that if you don't ask, you won't get anything! But many people are daunted by the idea of fundraising. Perhaps because they are unsure how to go about it or they are worried at the idea of getting a refusal. We hope that this section will help overcome such reluctance for we know that buzz that comes from raising your first funds, and how people can build on that success and go on to raise much more.

If your organisation is new to fundraising, or has not done much in the past, it is important that you consider what funding sources you will invest the time in applying for. Our Introduction to Sponsorship seminar is a good place to start.

It is recommended that you discuss your fundraising ideas and needs with your board (if you have one) and with all the staff to ensure everyone buys into the fundraising approach. You need to agree what you are seeking funds for, what resources you have for fundraising and what you could offer sponsors or donors in return for their funding.

There is no point in successfully obtaining sponsorship only to find that there is reluctance or problems in the organisation delivering the sponsorship benefits promised. Equally if you decide to use social media fundraising mechanisms it is essential the staff responsible for marketing and PR are supportive to ensure your social media campaign succeeds.

Fundraising takes time and you need to consider what time you can afford to invest in trying to raise funds against the likely results. If you have a board, then the members may be able to help with contacts – and may even be willing to donate money or in-kind services.


We also run an Introduction to Sponsorship seminar that could help you if you are new to trying to gain sponsorship.


There are various pages of information on hwo to best use crowdfunding. Start here with top tips.

Trusts and Foundations

Here you will find  basic advice on how to go about raising funds from trusts and foundations.

Our members have access to further webpages providing additional advice, information and research. To find out about membership click here.