Connecting with culture in South of Scotland

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Connecting with Culture in South of Scotland
Finding common ground: how creative partnerships can work for your organisation.

Digital Event | 1 September 2021 | 12noon

Building Capacity: Developing Skills (BCDS) is a new programme of networking, peer-to-peer learning, and training, delivered through regional and national forums and events. We’re delighted to share with you the first of a series of BCDS regional events that have been developed to support finding new ways of working as part of recovery and renewal from the coronavirus pandemic.

This event is for business and public sector professionals or individuals who want to learn about the benefits, value and return of establishing partnerships with the culture sector.

It aims to showcase the value, and to support the development of cross-sector partnerships, by demonstrating how these collaborations can help businesses and public sector professionals based in South of Scotland meet their economic, people and social objectives. This includes sharing live case study examples of cross sector partnerships that have received funding from the Culture and Business Fund Scotland.

The case studies of exemplar cross-sector partnership working will include examples of local partnerships and /or projects tackling challenges or opportunities that are relevant to the area. Sponsorship consultant Alice Samtoy will also provide a short provocative session on the power of partnerships, and the value and return that they can bring for all involved. There will also be an opportunity to network and ask questions.

Delivered through partnership with key local partners and agencies, this short digital event will provide information about the potential of partnership working with the cultural sector – the mutual and reciprocal benefits as well as those for the wider local community.

The outcomes from discussions will be shared at a subsequent event for arts & heritage organisations based in South of Scotland the following week on 6 September 2021, to ascertain if there is a need and appetite to create a cross business and culture sector forum as a space to support a collective understanding of the development needs and opportunities in the region.

The speakers in this session reflect differently on how working with culture can take shape. We’ll do this by looking at best practise but also real-life examples with the challenges and unexpected outcomes. The session will specially focus on attracting and retaining employees through working – as it has been identified this is a particular challenge for businesses in the South of Scotland.

The speakers at this event: 

Alice Samtoy is a regular consultant and trainer with Arts & Business Scotland and a corporate partnerships expert with significant experience in creating business partnerships for the cultural sector. With over £8m of partnership-value delivered, 14 years of industry experience, and three academic degrees, she has deep professional knowledge and expertise in creating meaningful, creative and innovative partnerships between companies and culture organisations. Through a short presentation she will go through what it actually means to enter into a creative partnership and the ways it may benefit your business, particularly focussing on supporting employee wellbeing and retention.

Alex McQuiston is the Director of Absolute Classics, which provides a year-round programme including a summer festival, educational work and concert series in the south of Scotland. Absolute Classics plays an important role in driving cultural tourism, but at this event he’ll provide a perspective as a cultural professional and his creative approach to working with local businesses to achieve mutual benefits.

Finally we are delighted to have Jo Macsween, former CEO of world-leading haggis brand Macsween join us to talk about the expected and unexpected consequences of using a storyteller to celebrate the narrative behind the people making haggis in this day and age. It’s a powerful narrative about developing a sense of belonging for employees, engaging in a very authentic way internally and externally, and ended up being one of her proudest moments of being a leader.

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