Webinar: How Not to Make Pension Schemes Scary!

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To Salary Exchange or not to Salary Exchange...that is the question?

For most of us the answer is “of course you should” and here’s why.

The main reason people don’t join pension schemes, or opt out, is because they can’t afford it!

Salary exchange is a way to make pensions more affordable for your employees with the added benefit of saving you (the employer), 13.8% in Employer National Insurance Contributions.  With that saving you can opt to: 1) keep it all; 2) pass part of it on to your employees as an additional pension contribution; or 3) use it to pay for an additional employee benefit, like Death in Service cover. By choosing options 2 or 3 your employees will be happy in the knowledge that they work for a caring organisation, which can also help with recruitment and staff retention.

On setting up a pension salary exchange scheme for an employer and their employees we always receive the same feedback… “we should have done this years ago”!

Join us at this webinar to find out more about how salary exchange can benefit you and your employees and the other employee benefits you can consider introducing.

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