Culture & Business Fund Scotland

Welcome to the Culture & Business Fund Scotland

Below you will find some introductory information about our Culture & Business Fund Scotland (CBFS) programme. 

The CBFS brings creative projects – large and small – vividly to life. To find out more and apply online, please go to our dedicated CBFS website -

** Read the press release of the NEW Culture & Business Fund Scotland COVID-19 Recovery & Renewal Strand. ** 

Here’s a short film showing the partnerships and projects that have evolved from CBFS in 2017-18.

The CBFS has a clear set of aims to:

  • support arts and heritage organisations and businesses to build new or cement existing cross-sector partnerships;
  • entice new businesses to sponsor or invest in arts or heritage activities in Scotland;
  • encourage and enable businesses already sponsoring or investing in arts or heritage activities to continue to do so with existing and / or new culture sector partners;
  • support existing cross-sector partnerships to enable and encourage them to continue to work together;
  • attract non-Scottish based companies to sponsor arts and heritage activities in Scotland; and
  • encourage and support businesses to continue to invest in or sponsor the activities of an arts or heritage organisation within Scotland over a two or three-year period.

How it works

If an arts or heritage organisation attracts an eligible business to sponsor an aspect of their work, the Culture & Business Fund Scotland will match that sponsorship, £ for £. Remember that both in-kind and cash sponsorship are eligible, but must come from the sponsor’s own funds, goods or services.

An arts or heritage organisation can apply for match funding up to the value of £40,000 in any one financial year (running from 1 April to 31 March). Applicants can apply for more than one grant in the year providing the total sum awarded is £40,000 or under.

Full details of the CBFS Application criteria, eligibility guidelines and terms and conditions can be found on the CBFS website - - or downloaded using the link below.

How to apply

Applicants can complete and submit their applications online via the CBFS website - 

There are two application tiers. For match funding of between £1,000 and £3,000 excluding VAT, applicants should use the fast-track application form; for match funding of over £3,000 and up to £40,000 excluding VAT there is a separate application form. All applications must adhere to the Application Guidelines and Terms & Conditions and must be made on the relevant form.

Completed applications must be submitted to Arts & Business Scotland at least three months (but no more than nine months) before the sponsored and proposed match-funded activity begins. However, fast-track applications for match funding of between £1,000 and £3,000 may be submitted and considered two months before the start date of sponsored and match-funded activities.

Tell businesses about the Fund

To help you inform your business contacts about the Fund and explain the benefits of supporting cultural activities please download our promotional leaflet detailing the highlights of 2017/2018, the benefits to be derived from CBFS partnerships and the impacts these partnerships have on communities and people around Scotland. You can forward this with your sponsorship proposal and share it at face to face meetings. 

If you have any queries, please contact or call 0131 243 2757.

Read about the launch on April 3 2017 here.

Read the press release of the NEW Culture & Business Fund Scotland COVID-19 Recovery & Renewal Strand