Case Studies

2014 Placemaking Award Joint Winners – Shell UK Limited & Theatre Modo Ltd

Aden-een, the Shell Fireworks Parade 2013, was a youth regeneration project celebrating culture and community in Aberdeenshire, led by Theatre Modo and Shell UK Ltd at Aden Country Park in Mintlaw. Young people, filled with energy and enthusiasm, delivered an extravaganza which was an incredibly high profile celebration of their community and culture.

The project was about place, the space, and enhancing the cultural tourism in that area. It involved high quality partners in supporting and engaging young people; Young people who would otherwise not have been able to take part in this kind of performance.

John Raine from Shell UK tells the story of the project and partnership in this short case study and explains why it was beneficial for both Shell UK and Theatre Modo, and the community in which the project took place.

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