Case Studies

2014 Entrepreneurship/Sustainability Award 2014 Winners – Sloans Bar and Restaurant & NOISE Opera

Sloans Bar & Restaurant and NOISE Opera is a mutually beneficial partnership bringing NOISE Opera to new audiences and new customers to Sloans Bar and Restaurant. By becoming NOISE Opera’s business partner, Sloans Bar and Restaurant has provided a sustainable, commercial future for NOISE Opera which is an exciting arts company dedicated to providing opera in new and exciting places. This is a valuable and priceless exchange of business expertise to an arts organisation: a true partnership. For Sloans, this new partnership with NOISE Opera means that new audiences are being introduced, not only to NOISE Opera, but also to Sloans Bar and restaurant, therefore making it a shared experience.

In this case study, Rosenna East from NOISE Opera will elaborate on the partnership of Sloans Bar and Restaurant and NOISE Opera, and the positive impacts that it is had on both partners and on the audiences of the project.

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