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2015 Digital Innovation Award Winner - LaChunky Studios & Tromolo Productions

Project story

Glasgow based recording studio LaChunky sponsored Tromolo Productions to deliver a three week run of performances of multimedia show Biding Time (remix) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 as part of the prestigious Made In Scotland international showcase.

Biding Time (remix) was devised by award winning Grid Iron Co-Artistic Director Ben Harrison & A Band Called Quinn. The show was devised in response to a shared story project called Biding Time, which examined roles for women in the entertainment industry. Part of the success of Biding Time (remix) has been attributed to the use of silent disco technology to create an immersive experience for the audience. The audience wear silent disco headsets throughout the performance; the intimacy of hearing the performances and sound design through the headsets greatly enhances the audience experience of the story. Biding Time (remix) is the first ever theatrical production to use this digital technology in such a context.

Being based on real life experiences and with A Band Called Quinn’s performance at the heart of the show, Biding Time (remix) manages to retain a lot of soul in such a digitized setting. Audiences engaged via social media and were encouraged to share photos and responses during the performance. This is very unconventional for a theatrical performance but a comment in itself on the nature of the entertainment industry and celebrity in the digital age. It also gave the audience further interaction with the piece.

Because the story of Biding Time (remix) is set in the music industry, LaChunky were the perfect partner. The cross-media nature and subject matter of the show attracted many audience members working in the industry and potential clients for LaChunky. It also attracted existing clients of LaChunky who may not have otherwise attended a theatre performance at the Fringe.

Arts/cultural organisation story

The run of Biding Time (remix) at the 2015 Fringe has led to the show receiving four more 4 star reviews, including a glowing review in The Times for the performance at the Cultura Inglesa Festival in Brazil. It also led to discussions with other international bookers about potential dates, discussions about future collaborations and project development, while increasing audience awareness and engagement with the piece and Tromolo Productions.

International delegates from Mexico, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Moscow, USA, Canada & Argentina attended the show, resulting in the booking at Cultura Inglesa and discussions with presenters from Mexico, Moscow, China and New Zealand.

The show made it into The Scotsman’s top ten recommended Fringe shows & was Today’s choice in The Scotsman Arts on 5th August 2015. The track from the trailer for the show ‘You Know The Right People’ was played by Tom Robinson on his BBC6 Music show and posted on the Fresh On The Net blog.  In a post Fringe discussion on BBC Scotland, theatre critic Neil Cooper mentioned five ‘great shows by women’ including Biding Time (remix).

Business organisation story

La Chunky gained exposure to a new audience of theatre goers, theatre makers, people interested in sound design and the use of digital technology in a theatrical context, as well a host of international delegates and cultural ambassadors from around the world. They have had work and enquiries from other production companies about the possibilities of producing soundtrack albums to shows and gained new followers on Twitter and Facebook. Ian Rankin’s Rebus books are now being recorded in audio book form at LaChunky; Ian is a supporter of A Band Called Quinn and wrote the sleeve notes for their Beggar’s Opera album.

The potential future collaborations for Tromolo productions in Mexico, Moscow, New Zealand, New Delhi & EIF offer further profile raising exposure for La Chunky as any sound design and soundtrack recording will be recorded there. Tromolo’s continued relationship with LaChunky has led to the recording of a collaboration by Louise Quinn, Bal Cooke and internationally renowned French DJ and producer Kid Loco which a French label plan to release on vinyl.

The studio launch party showcased the studio to a host of creatives and people linked to the creative industries as attendees and on social media. The party received coverage on STV and La Chunky were credited as the sponsors of this year’s run of Biding Time (remix) in a Music News Scotland feature about the show’s Arts & Business Scotland Awards.

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