Building Capacity: Developing Skills

‘Building Capacity: Developing Skills’ – forums and events for learning, sharing and collaboration across the heritage, arts, public and business sectors.


Building Capacity: Developing Skills (BCDS) is a new programme of networking, peer-to-peer learning, and training, delivered through regional and national forums and events.

BCDS has been developed to support all sectors, as they seek to find new ways of working as part of recovery and renewal from the coronavirus pandemic.

The programme will challenge the status quo and provide platforms for us to collectively discover, explore, and implement new ways of working together, to generate income, manage wellbeing, and build more resilient communities.

Delivered over a 3-year period, BCDS events will enable better collaboration across organisations and sectors, helping participants to move away from silo working, and establish mutually beneficial partnerships.

Part of this will be linking participants on the programme to potential financial investment through our Culture and Business Fund Scotland COVID-19 Recovery & Renewal programme.

Our research has identified 6 development areas that are key to recovery and renewal, which we will address through the BCDS programme, and other Arts & Business Scotland programmes of activity. These are:

  • Community engagement
  • Business engagement
  • Governance
  • Equality, diversity, and inclusion
  • Wellbeing
  • Income generation

The BCDS programme strands addressing these challenges and opportunities include:

  • Regional events for the business and public sector professionals or individuals who want to learn about the benefits, value and return of establishing partnerships with the culture sector. This includes sharing live case study examples of cross sector partnerships that have received funding from the Culture and Business Fund Scotland
  • Regional events for arts & heritage organisations, who want to better understand what benefits, value, and return on investment the business and public sectors are seeking through partnership working with the culture sector. These also include sharing live case study examples of cross sector partnerships that have received funding from the Culture and Business Fund Scotland
  • National events that bring together the business, public and culture sectors as a platform for learning and exchange with a view to providing connections that lead to new cross-sector partnership working
  • Networking and learning events for Chairs of heritage and culture organisations, that share challenges and opportunities for more efficient cross sector partnership working

 Building an index of products and services to meet business and public sector needs

The business and public sectors have many development needs – from supporting staff and enabling team building, to providing support for communities that address heath & wellbeing agendas.

Arts and heritage organisations have the skills, characteristics, knowledge and programme activities to meet these needs.

We are building an index and resource to log these potential services and products that could be tapped into by businesses and public sector bodies and agencies.

So please get in touch if:

  • You’re an arts or heritage organisation who has developed products or services that you would like to promote to business, public or third sector organisations. This could include professional development training for staff, team building exercises or therapeutic activities
  • If you have, or know of, inspiring stories or examples of innovative creative partnership between a culture organisation (Heritage / Arts), third or public sector organisation, and /or a business. We are particularly interested in hearing about projects that have not been supported by the Culture and Business Scotland Fund
  • If you are a development agency, organisation or charity whose aims align with, or complement this programme and would be interested in exploring mutual aspirations and potential partnership working

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