Project evaluation forms

Project evaluation forms

An evaluation form and certified financial statement must be submitted within two calendar months of the end of the project to confirm that the match funding received has been used appropriately.

Please remember to use the NASG evaluation form if you received NASG funding or the CBFS evaluation form if you will receive new CBFS funding.

Use the evaluation form to provide us with your story about the sponsorship, the match-funded arts or heritage activity, and the impacts or lasting outcomes that have resulted.

Your certified financial statement must be signed and dated by two people (the most senior member of staff/Director/Chair of your organisation and the project coordinator) to confirm that both the match funding and the business sponsorship have been used in the way specified in your application.

The completed evaluation form, certified financial statement and any relevant support
materials should be posted to us within the time frame detailed above and a word document of the evaluation form must also be emailed to

Please note, if the arts or heritage applicant and business sponsor both have electronic signatures, we will accept emailed documents, as noted above, without requiring hard copies in the post.

Please refer to the CBFS Application Guidelines for further information about reporting and evaluation.

Existing NASG applications

If you’re waiting to hear about an application for NASG funding that you’ve already submitted, or if you are in the process of making a NASG application, please read the following notes carefully.

  • NASG application forms that have already been submitted, and are currently being considered or processed by Arts & Business Scotland, will still be treated as NASG applications.
  • NASG applications forms that are in the process of being completed should now be restarted using one of the new CBFS application forms.

If you have any queries, please contact or call 0131 556 3353.