Philanthropy Information and Research

Information and Research on Philanthropy

We are seeking to better understand the motivation for individual giving to the arts and to provide insights and mechanisms to expand arts philanthropy.

Social Media Fundraising

Drawing on the experience of online and social media fundraising experts and Arts & Business experience of philanthropy, this paper seeks to offer advice on how, and why, social media fundraising should be integrated into the overall fundraising mix and our five top tips for getting started. With so much talk about philanthropy and digital technology, what does this mean specifically for the arts? How do you integrate digital elements into the overall fundraising mix? How do you tweak good fundraising practice for the online world? Click here to go to relevant page

Digital Philanthropy for the Arts 2011 

A paper by Panlogic on  why people do and don’t give to Arts organisations. It also provides thoughts on how best to leverage the new approaches to donors, digital channels and social media.

Wealth map

This review by Barclays Wealth looks at at the household wealth in each region of the UK for the first time can be downloaded from link below.

Arts philanthropy: the facts, trends and potential

At a time of uncertainty and financial challenges, Arts philanthropy: the facts, trends and potential, aims to assess the potential of individual giving for the arts and where the growth can come from. the report can be downloaded from link below.

A study into donor motivation

Research into the motivations of individual donors for giving to the arts. Click here to go to relevant page