New Arts Sponsorship Grants 2016/17

New Arts Sponsorship Grants 2016/17

The Scottish Government via Creative Scotland has made funding available to Arts & Business Scotland to encourage new business sponsorship of the arts within Scotland.

New Arts Sponsorship Grants aim to:

  • Encourage businesses to sponsor arts activity within Scotland for the first time
  • Entice back businesses that have not sponsored the arts in Scotland since 1 April 2013.
  • Support arts organisations in building new business sector partnerships
  • Attract non-Scottish based companies to sponsor arts and cultural activities in Scotland.

How does it work?

  • If an arts organisation attracts an eligible business to sponsor an aspect of their work then we could match the value of the sponsorship £1 for £1.
  • This funding goes towards the arts organisation’s project and the sponsor receives double the amount of business benefits from the sponsorship and grant monies combined.
  • The maximum grant is £40,000 and the minimum grant is £1,000.
  • Both in-kind and cash sponsorship are eligible.
  • The sponsorship must come from the sponsor’s own funds, goods or services.
  • If there is more than one business sponsoring the same arts activity, a separate application may be made for each business.

How to apply

A fully complete application, a signed and dated sponsorship agreement and a project budget showing all income and expenditure must be received by Arts & Business Scotland at least three months BEFORE and no greater than nine months before the sponsored activity and proposed grant activity begins.

There are two application forms:

  • For applications between £1,000 and £2,000 (excluding VAT) the arts applicant must provide the benefits, crediting and promotional opportunities both the business and New Arts Sponsorship Grant scheme will receive in return for the sponsorship and grant, highlighting any benefits made possible by the grant.
  • For applications over £2,000 (excluding VAT) the arts applicant must provide a detailed list of additional benefits the business will receive in return for receiving a grant.

As of 1 April 2016, all applications must read and adhere to the Application Guidelines & Terms and Conditions on receiving a Grant 2016/17.  Submissions must be made on the relevant application form provided below.  Applications received on earlier versions of the application form will not be accepted. 

If you have any questions, please contact Carl Watt at or telephone 0131 556 3353.