Membership of Arts & Business Scotland enables you to be part of a collective community that fosters dynamic relationships between business, local authorities and the arts and heritage communities to deliver ambitious and innovative cultural experiences to the people of Scotland.

Being part of our membership community also contributes to our vision that Scotland is a nation where creativity and cultural engagement are central to the lives of individuals and the lifeblood of communities, and where the arts and heritage are recognised, supported and celebrated as significant contributors to both creative and economic well being.

As a membership organisation, the needs and aspirations of our members are extremely important to us, and the feedback that we have received from our arts, heritage, public and private sector members is a desire to have more opportunities for cross sector engagement to develop greater respective understanding of needs and opportunities for collaborative working.

Our membership scheme provides a platform for sharing, discussion, networking and potential collaboration for all stakeholders in A&BS. This in turn enables us to act as a champion and advocate for the value of arts and heritage in contributing to the cultural place making agenda and how this can help to create vibrant and culturally diverse places that are attractive to live and work.

For more information about how to join, please email