Membership categories

Membership categories

Our membership categories cater for the needs of the broadest range of arts, heritage, public and private sector clients.

Individual Membership caters for people who are passionate about arts and heritage, but who are not able to get involved through the organisational membership route. This includes sole practitioners, self-employed individuals in the not-for-profit arts and heritage sectors, or business professionals who wish to engage with A&BS on a personal basis or whose companies do not engage with A&BS.
Annual Fee: £50 +VAT (Arts & Heritage) | £100 + VAT (Corporate)

Arts & Heritage Membership

Arts & Heritage Membership is for not for profit organisations working within the arts and heritage sectors. Membership can offer engagement with the private sector to develop new income streams or access business expertise to become more efficient or entrepreneurial.
Annual Fee: £110 +VAT

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is for businesses that are either directly or indirectly committed to the advancement and sustainability of the arts and heritage as well as contributing to the efficiency of charities within the cultural sector through sharing business expertise.
Annual Fee: £250 - £1,000 +VAT *

*Based on employee numbers

Principal Membership

Principal Membership is for public and private sector organisations and businesses who believe and recognise that they have a significant strategic role in, and responsibility for, the advancement and sustainability of the arts and heritage. This includes working closely with A&BS to initiate and enable programmes of activity that raise the profile of the value of arts and heritage and provide the cultural sector with the necessary tools to become more efficient or entrepreneurial.
Annual Fee: From £1,500 +VAT

Group Membership

We also offer specialised membership packages for Local Authorities and Cultural Trusts. Please contact our Membership & Stakeholder Manager for more detail if interested.