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Vacancy: Project Manager/Admin Support (part time)(Part Time)

£11,000 freelance fee National


Live Music Now

Flexible music manager/administrator required for leading education & outreach/professional development charity. This freelance position carries responsibility for organising and administering discrete Live Music Now Scotland projects in, for instance, care homes and special schools, as well as one-off performances in anywhere from an art gallery to a day centre for people with dementia. Additional administrative tasks will be required as part and in support of the management team, including with scheduling; liaison with schools, care homes and day centres; management of musicians; data management; evaluation and reporting; publicity/marketing; budget management; training sessions; fundraising events.

How to apply:
To apply for this position, applicants should send a covering letter explaining why they would like the post and excel in it, along with their CV giving evidence of relevant experience. Applications should be submitted by e-mail to by 12 noon on Wednesday 27th March 2019.

Closing date for applications: Wednesday 27 March 2019

Interview date: Wednesday 3 April 2019

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