Sprints - How to solve marketing challenges in just five days (Business Briefing)

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Arts & Business Scotland, Rosebery House, 9 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, E12 5EZ

10:30 - 12:00
Registration 10:15

Sprints: The sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers. CreateFuture will take you through why they work, how they've used them at Expedia, Prudential and Penguin Books to tackle brand, product and marketing challenges, and how to run one yourself. 

The session will cover:

- An introduction to Sprints

- How they can be used

- How to run a Sprint

- Case studies from Penguin Books, Expedia, Prudential

- Sample Exercises

- Q&A

While the examples given on the day will be focused on marketing challenges, Sprints are highly adaptable, and suitable for all types of challenge. The session will be of interest to anyone who's looking at challenges holding their organisation back. 

About the speaker: Nathan Fulwood

Nathan Fulwood is one of the three founders and Strategy Director of CreateFuture, a creative consultancy based in Edinburgh and London. CreateFuture work with clients across the UK to solve the marketing problems holding them back. Clients include KPMG, Expedia, Penguin Books, Prudential, Edrington and BBC. 


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£25+VAT for non-members

Includes pastries plus tea and coffee