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ArchesCreativity At Work (Artist in Residency Programme)

Arts & Business Scotland have significant experience of brokering successful workplace residencies which place artists within businesses to engage with the workforce.

Recently we have placed a writer in residence with a haggis and black pudding manufacturer; a photographer with a creative industries hub and a visual artist with a paint manufacturing company.

This scheme, delivered in partnership with Creative Scotland, enables businesses to work with an artist to devise a creative programme that meets corporate responsibility aspirations.


Benefits to Business

The Creativity at Work programme provides the following benefits and opportunities:

  • Staff engagement to enable team building and develop company loyalty, strengthening the staff team view of the company’s mission and aims
  • Stimulation of creativity within workforce
  • Artist led creative groups for employees which became part of the business culture (e.g. reading groups, choirs and photography clubs)
  • Exclusive opportunity to purchase work for the workplace that was created in response to the business’ environment
  • Artist engagement can extend to communities around business location to meet corporate social responsibility aspirations
  • Provided an enhanced range of stories from which to inform PR relations

About the Residency

  • The residency involves a single artist from any art form (visual art / writing / poetry / performance etc.) being resident in the company to engage with the workforce for 20 days, of which up to 2 may be used for preliminary planning/meetings to finalise the aspirations, expectations and commitments of both parties.
  • The residency period can be flexible e.g. all taking place within one month, 2 days a week over a longer time frame or as otherwise arranged
  • The total cost of the project is £8,000
  • The business contributes £5,000, with the remainder coming from A&BS’ Creative Scotland funding
  • The artist is paid a fee of £6,000, with the remaining £2,000 covering documentation and evaluation of the project
  • This also covers the sourcing and selection of the artist and project management during residency period
  • A company could decide on a longer residency period but the A&BS match funding can only support a proportion of the initial 20 days residency

What’s involved for the host company?

  • Pay A&BS £5,000 as a contribution to the total residency cost of £8,000
  • Pay the artist all related travel and other expenses (to be agreed in advance)
  • Provide a single point of contact to lead on the project and be the support contact for the artist
  • Clear all issues of health and safety, etc. in advance
  • Provide appropriate space and working conditions for the artist
  • The residency payment does not include any purchase cost of work from the artist. If the company wishes to purchase work arising from the residency that would be separately negotiated

We will use the success stories of the programme to advocate for embedding culture at the very heart of business with the aspiration of establishing artist representation on company boards.

For more information or to arrange to meet to discuss hosting a residency contact: