Corporate Plan 2014-2017

Corporate Plan 2014-2017

Corporate Plan 2014-2017Arts & Business Scotland act as a conduit between the cultural and business sectors, helping to nurture the creative, social and commercial relationships that will enrich creativity and cultural engagement across Scotland.

Our vision is that Scotland is a nation where creativity and cultural engagement are central to the lives of individuals and the lifeblood of communities, and where the arts, culture
and heritage are recognised, supported and celebrated as signifi cant contributors to both creative and economic well being.

Our mission is to foster dynamic relationships between business, local authorities and the cultural community to deliver ambitious and innovative cultural experiences to the people
of Scotland.

Our ambitions are the advancement and sustainability of the arts, heritage and culture and the promotion of the effi ciency of charities within the cultural sector.

Our Corporate Plan outlines how we plan to achieve our vision, mission and ambitions in 2014-2017.