Arts & Business Scotland Consultation Roadshows

Arts & Business Scotland Consultation Report

Arts & Business Scotland recently carried out a consultation process to help us re-evaluate and revise the services that we provide to support a vibrant and sustainable cultural sector.

Part of that process involved speaking with our stakeholders and current and potential future partners to explore both the opportunities and the challenges that you face locally as well as nationally and internationally.

As a result of these conversations we have now published a report which outlines how we will refine and tailor our future services to potentially provide you with the relevant tools to develop sector intelligence and raise money to be visible, viable and vibrant.

The report is available to download below.  We have also created an individual report for each region we visited with specific findings attached.

The consultation process was supported by Skills Development Scotland

Skills Development Scotland

The consultation events were delivered in partnership with Firefly.


“The Aberdeen consultation event organised by Arts & Business Scotland was excellent.  Very well organised and brilliantly facilitated – it brought together a meeting of minds from the cultural and business sectors in a participative, thought provoking and creative way.  I would recommend anyone working in either sector that wishes to engage or learn more about how we can improve and develop great working partnerships, to attend a future workshop.”

Sandra L McIntosh
Communication Adviser, Public Affairs & Corporate Communication department
TOTAL E&P UK Limited

"Amazing set of workshops from in Glenrothes. Eye opening and expectation-expanding! Brilliantly run by too!"

Christi MacPherson (on Twitter)
Portrait and fine art photographer